Interview with an Artist Q6: Revisions

Questions 6

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As if worrying about revisions in my novel weren’t enough… INKYGIRL.COM. Daily diversions for writers.

I was a little uncomfortable with the revision process, for I wasn’t sure if my critique would be viewed as criticism or if I were pushing the limits with the number of revisions (one a month for six months).  Liiga was very patient, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t pushing it. So I asked.

Question 6. On average, how many times does a client usually get a proof and reply with corrections?

It’s hard to estimate an average for number of times that corrections are requested because it varies wildly depending on the client and the type of image. Character portraits will usually see more adjustments, seeing as capturing someone’s likeness from a description always involves some amount of guesswork. Also, not everyone has a strong visual of what their character’s appearance might be like. On occasion that leads to more revisions due to trying to find just the right look, while other times it means more freedom of interpretation regarding what appearance works.

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