Worldcon or Bust

Tuesday, August 18

Three of us pile into the car for a long day of driving.  Bye Bye Klamath Falls.  Oh! Look, Bend is on the way!  Dechuets Brewery for lunch!  Denise has to continue her tradition of getting the paddle of beer samplers…Six glasses, four ounces each!


Perhaps the empty paddle of beer explains some of the lunch banter…

Memorable lunch quotes after the imbibing of beer!

Said of the Central Oregon Saison beer: It’s as if chai tea was a beer!

Queen Elizabeth didn’t have a chest either!  (And no, context wouldn’t help…this pretty much just came out of the blue…after 20 ounces of beer)

The Bat’leth goes on top.  Well, duh, doesn’t it always?




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