Sad Sad Sunday

Sunday, August 23

Sunday was a day I looked forward to: Leasspell had it’s first ever in-person writer’s group at a little breakfast place around the corner…we even dared sit outside in the patio!  Breathing continued to be doable on Sunday, though in the afternoon I could still smell some of it.

It was a sadder day than the others.  The con was nearly over. We said goodbye to Jax. I went to a few panels, but the energy was kinda gone.  Hung out with Denise and told her how disappointed I was to have never laid eyes on one of my favorite authors, Carol Berg.  Every time she was scheduled, I had a commitment.  The thing I most wanted to do was go to her Kaffee Klutch, but it was at the same time as my writers’ workshop.


Has anyone seen the author of this book?

“Oh, really?” Denise said.  “We need to do something about that!”  So she and Jason people-watch the whole day as we hang out.  “She’s so nice,” Denise tells me.  “Yeah, we keep seeing her everywhere all week!” Jason adds.  So Sunday was  “the search for Carol Berg” day.  No luck all day long.  Denise and I decide to go to one last panel with Branden Sanderson on it, another of my literary heroes.  Denise and I got separated when I went to the bathroom.  When I came out, she’s practically hopping from foot to foot.  “Carol Berg! Carol Berg just went that way!”  We chase in that direction, but alas…no CB sighting.  But for a stronger bladder, I would have met my author hero, Carol Berg.

Maybe next time, Carol!

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