Conned Again

Went to BayCon over Memorial Day weekend.  Wasn’t going to go this year.  So much work to do as I exit the job.  But they invited me.  This is the first year I’ve been invited to a con rather than petitioning it for admittance.  ConVolution did, too.

I have to say I really enjoyed the three events I participated in.  I did a first try at By the Water Cooler: Tales Authors & Editors Tell. Panelists Josh Kagan and Sarah Kuhn did not disappoint.  Both had interesting takes on this interesting industry.  Both were funny and charming.

Then I participated in a world-building panel moderated by Kyle Aisteach.  Third time I’ve been on a panel with him.  He is also charming and interesting.  I very much enjoyed that panel, too.

And the writers’ workshop couldn’t have gone better.  Very talented writers this year. I was blessed, because I’m so busy, a messy & awful manuscript would have had me pulling my hair out with my workload right now.

I even got to be a judge for the talent show.

But something was missing.  I remember when instead of a talent show, BayCon put on a masquerade. First the costumers would come out and parade across the stage, then the dancing would start.  I met Tad Williams, Poul and Karen Anderson, Jennifer Roberson, and even Ray Bradbury there…and I talked to each one, all gracious.

This year the con lacked energy.  If felt small. I got snubbed by one of the guests, and I wasn’t the only one to be so snubbed.  I feel very bad for BayCon because the people running it were good to me, and I like them. But I do long for the days when it was 3000 strong and had such people as Ray Bradbury and hordes of Klingons roaming the halls.

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