Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript, In a Mortal Shadow: June 27

Spent the day putzing with my profile for Write-a-thon.

Should have started work.  Should have reread chapter 49 to see how I felt about it after sleeping on it.  Instead I spent time getting, picking, and formatting a photo…Gac!  My picture has not been on the internet till now.  Then I had to pick a short snippet of writing.  Called Carolyn. Help!  She gave me advice.  Hubby and she help me narrow it down to what is now up there.

Curious?  Here you go, have a look.  The sample is first with a write up following about the book.  You might want to read that first.  In a Mortal Shadow on Clarion West.

It’s bedtime…I finally reread chapter 49.  Maybe it isn’t as bad as I think!  Maybe I should have read it sooner and worked on it today!  Oh well too sleepy. Night night.

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