Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript: July 6
In a Mortal Shadow

In the last year, I’ve seen only one movie at the theaters…until the last month.  In the past thirty days, I’ve seen Godzilla, Malefacent, and today Edge of Tomorrow (or as the theater abbreviated it: Edge of Tom…a pronouncement on his career, perhaps?).  Anyway enjoyed it with hubby and the folks. So dinner, shopping, & movie with family left little time for writing…but this is write-a-thon!  Can’t fall down in the first couple weeks!

So at 10:30 I sat down and started proofreading chapter 36, scene 2.  Falion discovers a spy ring and Venae almost gets shot by an arrow with lysis that will dull her mind…I think the shot went astray.  Only 45 minutes of proofing and I’m reading the same sentence over and over.  I’m pretty sure Sharp…got….me…zzzzzzzzzz

Good night.

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