Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript: July 20
In a Mortal Shadow

No plans to really work on In a Mortal Shadow till I get back from Comic Con, but I wound up doing some of the technical stuff I’ve put off.  I have a Court scene where the court speech  uses early modern English.  Lots of homework on that for me.

I’m still researching use of infinitive forms and be vs. is.  Plus below, I can’t figure out if “My Lord and Majesty knows/knoweth” He’s addressed as You (royal We & plural, which would take “know”), but My lord and Majesty comprise nouns that are singular and take singular verbs (knows, or, in the case of thou, knoweth).  I can’t figure that one out!  I’m on the lookout for someone who can help me with thorny grammar issues.  If you know someone…I’m all ears!

Ghymaraeth took his feet again, Athenael as well.  The noise in the court died instantly.

“Who dost thou think thou hast brought Us, Our Queen?” 

She dipped her head, “My Lord and Majesty knows I have not the liberty to name the Unmade. To do so be treason.”


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