Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript: July 31
In a Mortal Shadow

Today is the last day of the write-a-thon. I got one sponsor, YIPEE! Thanks, Sponsor! I celebrated by starting in on Part 4, Rahcel of In a Mortal Shadow.

Proof of finishing the Write-a-thon with a bang:

Rahcel. Falion tried not to look down at the twisted limbs and broken bodies of men he’d once fought shoulder to shoulder with in his sworn duty toDarii…men he’d helped murder. As his horse passed from Kellen into Rahcel in a storm of thundering horses, he should have felt relief. He’d delivered her from her imprisonment in Lumiden into the hands of the Starriders. He’d freed her, but in so doing, he’d imprisoned himself. He felt a wall as adamant as granite mortar itself about his soul. He was alone; no one behind him would have him and no one ahead would trust the turncoat he’d become.

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