Con-Volution 2014—A “Horrible” Convention

Dr. Horrible.20140926_201153_resizedWho invited Dr. Horrible to ruin Con-Volution?  Oh, wait!  Who is that courageous masked man sneaking up on Dr. Horrible to save the convention?  Oh, dear…it looks like the Uni(tard Photo) Bomber!  Whatever will happen next? I think I’d best run for cover!


(Thanks to a Horrible tip and a little follow up from a knit Klingon, I’ve identified the photo bomber as Bill Howard.  Still need a tip on what the costume is.)

Author A.E. Marling makes an awesome Dr. Horrible in the pictures, but in truth, he’s not very horrible in person. Allen is a charming man, with very good taste in jewelry (obviously, since he liked my necklace),  who has taken time to talk with me at a couple of cons (the first time of which, I burbled over with words like a soda poured too fast in a glass.  Can’t believe he didn’t back away slowly that time and run the next time he saw me).

I was looking for someone else and wound up having a nice conversation with him at his table.  He wound up interesting me in his book, Gravity’s Revenge.  Good work, that!  I’m not a pushover for a sale at cons.  I read slowly and don’t want hard copies of books in my house anymore (I hate to admit that, but it’s part of my 9-step/room program for recovering pack rats.  I’m on step three…er, I mean room three).  I also, being an editor for many years who has worked with some of the big publishers, am working on my big-publisher bias.  I tend to be leery of the indie stuff. Yes, I know—I’m working on it!  So when I tell you that Allen interested me enough to buy his book (in e-copy, must stick with The Program), it was no small feat.  I’m looking forward to reading it.  I’m very much hoping it will be a therapy to my bias.  Can you cure me, Dr. Horrible?

AE Marling

Dr. Horrible’s prescription for what ails me.


2 Responses to Con-Volution 2014—A “Horrible” Convention

  1. My specialty isn’t so much in curing individuals as uprooting the cancerous status quo. The radiation therapy in this case is a liberal application of the freeze ray.

    The photobomber is the same individual who cosplayed Prince Leia at the masquerade.

    I wish you a relentless and fantastic read.

  2. Hmm…Freeze my head…I’m a little worried about the precision of Dr. Horribles’s freeze ray…I fear that instead of excising the prejudice from my head he might set it on wide and just excise my head! That would be Horrible!

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