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Con-Volution 2014—A “Horrible” Convention

Dr. Horrible.20140926_201153_resizedWho invited Dr. Horrible to ruin Con-Volution?  Oh, wait!  Who is that courageous masked man sneaking up on Dr. Horrible to save the convention?  Oh, dear…it looks like the Uni(tard Photo) Bomber!  Whatever will happen next? I think I’d best run for cover!


(Thanks to a Horrible tip and a little follow up from a knit Klingon, I’ve identified the photo bomber as Bill Howard.  Still need a tip on what the costume is.)

Author A.E. Marling makes an awesome Dr. Horrible in the pictures, but in truth, he’s not very horrible in person. Allen is a charming man, with very good taste in jewelry (obviously, since he liked my necklace),  who has taken time to talk with me at a couple of cons (the first time of which, I burbled over with words like a soda poured too fast in a glass.  Can’t believe he didn’t back away slowly that time and run the next time he saw me).

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I was looking for someone else and wound up having a nice conversation with him at his table.  He wound up interesting me in his book, Gravity’s Revenge.  Good work, that!  I’m not a pushover for a sale at cons.  I read slowly and don’t want hard copies of books in my house anymore (I hate to admit that, but it’s part of my 9-step/room program for recovering pack rats.  I’m on step three…er, I mean room three).  I also, being an editor for many years who has worked with some of the big publishers, am working on my big-publisher bias.  I tend to be leery of the indie stuff. Yes, I know—I’m working on it!  So when I tell you that Allen interested me enough to buy his book (in e-copy, must stick with The Program), it was no small feat.  I’m looking forward to reading it.  I’m very much hoping it will be a therapy to my bias.  Can you cure me, Dr. Horrible?

AE Marling cover.med

Dr. Horrible’s prescription for what ails me.