A Little Worldcon, a Little Spokane

Thursday, August 20


A little Worldcon…

A morning at Worldcon moderating the panel:

Stories from Around the Water Cooler: Tales Editors and Writers Tell

Cynthia Felice, Lesli Robyn, Zaza Koshkadze, and Patty Briggs joined me in telling tales from their very interesting careers as writers, including an honest to goodness tale of book burning. Quite the popular event; there was standing room only.

And an afternoon of geocaching with a woman I met outside of the critique panel on Wednesday.  Beautiful river front park and a Flexible Flyer red wagon bigger then my living room!

I dropped in on the Northwest Writer’s Association to see our books laid out. Woot!  I also wanted to support them, so I bought a book: Amaskan’s Blood.  First few lines were…

She was thirsty. Thirsty was and understatement. Her tongue felt thick beneath the sour cloth jammed in her mouth and Iliana swallowed hard.

A prophetic opening…

(Tune in tomorrow…same bat time, same bat channel)


A little Spokane…

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