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Friday, August 21

My roomie came into our hotel room today as I was looking out the window. “How are things?” he asked.



Yeah…the sun really was that color and it’s still only early evening!

Outside, I couldn’t see the nearby rim of hills and mountains for the yellow-grey smoke that shrouded the city.  The sun was a red ball…Con goers take warning!  Major fires raged about fifty miles away and a lesser one burned only ten to twenty miles away.  Breathing was the chore of the day.  Every time I asked directions of the staff, they said the shortest way is out those doors—

I’d shake my head vigerously, “Then tell me the longer way ‘cause  I’m not going outside!”  By the end of the day, my eyes stung, my nose ran, my lungs burned, and as for my throat…

I was thirsty. Thirsty was and understatement. My tongue felt thick behind the wet cloth jammed up against my mouth and I swallowed hard. (Opening of the only book I bought this week here…perhaps persuaded by circumstance?)

Yeah, it was that bad.

But the day wasn’t a total loss.  Jax from the writer’s group and I went to vote for upcoming Worldcons.  I voted for Montreal in 2017 so we could all go up to Jason’s neck of the woods.  Then we went to the 2018 tables and Jax donated to the New Orleans effort since that’s where she calls home.  I had my money out to donate when I asked who the competition was…San Jose!  ACK!  Sorry, New Orleans, but San Jose is the next city over from me!

Later, I was excited to dine with Bryan Buhl and his l charming wife Melisa, who was a saint to listen to three writers jabber on about their stories for most of dinner.

After that, we rushed over to see the masquerade show.  The two women I drove up with were in it.  Shael was one bad-ass knit Klingon throwing around a knit bat’leth. I certainly don’t want to cross her now!  And Denise made a remarkable Diana Prince…oh wait!  She gives a twirl and turns into Wonder Woman!  Denise’s costume was a tear-away uniform over a WW costume.  She sure pulled it off—both literally and figuratively!

Quote of the day: There is no smoking inside the auditorium. If you must smoke, go outside and breathe deeply.


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