The diary has been quiet for a while because of Christmas shopping, tree chopping, much munching, and other festivities.  And now that it’s January, it’s back to the dreaded DAY JOB.  But this January is special.

First, I did something I’ve wanted to do since 2013, I invited author JL Doty to share his story of his path to being a successfull indie author, and he did!  It will publish tomorrow.  Thanks Jim!

Second, I participated in the series, Paths to Publishing on the Snarkology.  This is special because it is my first guest blog, entitled The Back Door, and I’m very happy with it.  A wonderful sense of community on the Snarkology.  I include it here in the diary because it makes me want to get out and connect more with that community and share my stories with them.

Third and finally, as you will know if you read The Back Door, I’m quitting my day job.  I have one last (sadly) massive project, and then I bow out.  Yep, I’m quitting my day job.  And that’s what prompted the diary entry.  I intend to dive into the story as if it were my day job…which, it will be…finally!

So In a Mortal Shadow may actually wind up heading into a slush pile near you this year!

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