Bucket List

At the risk of stating the obvious, finishing my novel is one of my bucket list items in life.  When I hit fifty, I decided to scale back on the things I would not be reminiscing over in a rocking chair in my addled old age, i.e., work.

Don’t get me wrong, work was once a bucket list item. Becoming a professional editor was a biggie when I was twenty-five.  But sanitizing engineering reports and court-related documents was never in the bucket.  So I had no trouble deciding to walk away from my editing after all these years of doing it.

Until January 16th. I got an email inviting me to do the very job that made me chose editing in the first place.  I got the opportunity to be an editor for a science fiction and fantasy house.  The publisher was tiny, just starting up, but there it was, still deep at the bottom of the bucket.  I had to say yes.

How is this related to the mission of detailing my MS’s development.  I’m not sure…and that’s why I put it here. This could further delay my attention to my own MS, or, maybe, just maybe, it will wind up inspiring me.

Jennifer L. Carson
Tickety Boo Press

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