Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript, In a Mortal Shadow: June 22

Karill finally does something! He tortures Venae. Better her than me!  Getting a little traction, but man, it feels like I’m dragging my brain from a rust encrusted state!  I keep writing, and it keeps getting longer, but I feel like I’m not going anywhere. On other fronts, Denise and Carolyn rope me into activating my never used Facebook page (which my husband made so he could play with it for yet more interviews).  I’ve had it for four or five years.  Don’t remember how to even log one.  C & D make me figure it out.  They make me accept them as friends, they make me accept some of their friends.  The new writer’s reality…you must network.  But Facebook…it’s so cluttered…so disorganized…so uncontrolled looking (anyone remember my “button” from the intro post? Control…)  I feel physically ill, no joke, no exaggeration. But I guess one good thing came of Facebook.  Carolyn saw Kevin A. Murphy’s post on the Clarion West Write-a-thon.  She joined.  She talked me into joining…tomorrow.  That one feels better. Sadness.  We say goodbye to Denise after dinner.  She drives Libby my green hybrid Camry home for me.  I’ll take BART.

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