Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript: July 16
In a Mortal Shadow

Write-a-thon Diary July 16

Zoe was super friendly last night. she must have sensed that Carolyn is used to sleeping with cats so Zoe got up on the bed on Carolyn last night. Carolyn astutely noticed that she’s much heavier than a cat, especially noticeable in the wee hours of the morning! She was back to circling again, but around her dog bed, the coffee table, and her buddy, another older German shepherd that takes being circled in much better stride than I do. Fortunately, she didn’t do that today. Unfortunately I joined her in circling…I was back to mental circles in my writing. The next chapter is written, and it works okay…but given the events at the end of chs 49-50, I can do better…I just didn’t want to tear into what I’d already done!

Get over it! tear into it! And keep going!

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