Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript: July 17
In a Mortal Shadow

I escaped the demon dog!  Zoe was sad to see her rope puller tosser/treat feeder leave, but I had to get back to a birthday party.  Get this, a gal I met on an
Amazon cruise in Peru in February, who lived in Mass. where I’m from originally (kinda), moved to the neighboring city of Mountain View last month.  So what does that have to do with writing?  She is in social media marketing so she gave me some tips on blogging and the like…for when I have time and presence of mind to DO the right things!

Did some mind-writing in the car on the way home where I imagined dialog and emotional reactions to the new material I added.  Doesn’t sound like much but this prewriting is often a critical step when I change gears, as I’m doing at this scene.  I’m changing POVs and countries and we have left Darii for the first time.

But I need to get a completed part three out to several readers, so I’m trying to plow through the proofing.  Up to ch 44. I’m thinking my goal for the Write-a-thon should be to get those chapters in order and delivered.

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