Farley File: Elizabeth Gilligan

Although I am putting off writing likely for the rest of the year (work—damn that four-letter word!), that doesn’t meant I stop working to become an author.  Connections, I’m told, are important, and of late, I’ve been “meeting” a lot authors, many of them favorites of mine. I think it’s way past time for me to start my own Farley File. Thanks Robert Heinlein for introducing me to the concept in one of my favorite books by him: Double Star.

I began the excitement with lunch with a DAW author.  You would think this was exciting for me because DAW is the publisher I most want to submit to. But more than that, this lunch was a chance to catch up.  Beth and I were both in the same writers group once upon a time.  I was very happy to hear that she is working on the third book of the Silken Magic trilogy she started back with that writers group.  Magic’s Silken Snare (or Vendetta in Silk as it was called then) was one of the first fiction books I worked on in a workshop that wound up getting published.  That was actually exciting for me!  And seeing her has reaped another reward; we decided to exchange manuscripts, which means, not only do I get another reader for In a Mortal Shadow, but I also get a sneak peak at the next Silken Magic book!

So Beth is the first entry in my Farley file.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you who my second Farley File entry is.

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