Tag You’re It! Melissa Snark

Melissa Snark, as I said, tagged me in the 7x7x7 challenge.  I was excited to see hers because I had the pleasure of working with her as a developmental editor on her soon to be released, Battle Cry.  She’s got a gorgeous new cover and now that the story has turned into a series, she’s gone back and redone other covers so that they all coordinate beautifully.  I wish they were released so I could share them with you.  Instead, I’ll share her 7x7x7.

From BATTLE CRY, due out this Fall.

“Alpha Finn, if you come to settle a debt of honor, then fight me alone in
personal combat.” Jake’s voice rose to a shout. He brandished his burning dagger to add emphasis to his challenge. “Act with dishonor and Odin shall know you as a coward!”

“Impressive that you, a nonbeliever, have Odin’s ear.” Animosity replaced the
amusement in the Alpha’s gaze. He snarled, slyly mocking. “Why should I question your honor, huntsman? It’s not as if your hunters participated in the slaughter of an entire pack.”


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