I’m not big on commitment.  I dated my husband for seven years before we got married; he asked me to marry him twice in the first year.  I had a boss once that I worked for as a contractor, a freelancer, part time to the company, through an agency, and on call. Took her five years to convince me to work full time for her.  She pointed out I have commitment issues.  I think the reason I have them is because once I commit, I’m fully dedicated.   It’s why I was so hesitant to take on the role of editor for Tickety Boo Press. I’m having trouble with that at work right now, too.  I couldn’t find a replacement for my client, so I’ve agreed to work through their convention in July.  But I did give my notice that I’m leaving, so that’s progress.  I really like them all and just can’t imagine leaving them hanging.  So, I’m putting off another commitment…this one is to myself.  In a Mortal Shadow will wait a few more months yet.

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