Time at Liberty

Okay, it is most definitely time for me to move on from my day job. I spent yesterday forcing my eyes over the paper I had to edit. Any excuse had me—Squirrel! Awe, isn’t he cute hopping along the fence across the street…Um, see what I mean? I finished up today, but I so don’t want to do this anymore. Meanwhile, I am positively twitterpated at new SF and fantasy projects that are appearing on the horizon. I had no idea when I decided to return to the con circuit in 2013 to pursue editing in the genre field it would lead me to have completed my first pro SF edit of an outstanding manuscript not even a full two years later. I get the final MS back this weekend to pass to the publisher. That is what my mind just keeps floating to as I read about how in an evaluation between comparison groups and drug court participants, one needs to keep in mind time at risk, which is not to be confused with time at liberty—the latter of which I wish I had more of.

Only three more months to go…

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