Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript: August 4
In a Mortal Shadow


Right now I am waiting for a business call.  I have about 45 minutes.  Last night I lay awake with thoughts of my story going through my head.  Those thoughts are pestering me.  But 45 minutes isn’t enough time to leverage them, to marshal them, and to silence them.  So I ignore the little yanks they are giving to my mind.

have to work today.  Some people can do both.  I’m so envious of one of Leasspell’s writers.  She has her day job in an office. But she gets up early in the morning and puts in an hour or so before she goes to work.  Blows my mind.

Part of my problem is that I am of two minds…kinda literally.  I’m right brained, or left brained.  I’m creative, or I’m analytical.  But I’ve knows since college that the two sides don’t cooperate much.  So if it’s a work day, my left brain gets to drive the good ship Consciousness.  If it’s a writing day, then that’s the privilege of the right brain.  But I don’t switch well.  I’m not a multitasker.  I focus, and I focus hard.

To switch to writing, I need a day of music and walking and talking to myself. I need to have conversations with my characters.  Then the next day, we can get down to the writing.

So though I hear Falion calling me, he’ll have to wait.

Today is a left-brained day.

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