Diary of a Schrödinger’s Manuscript: August 8
In a Mortal Shadow

Excitement!  A day off…not enough to get into the swing of writing on the novel (and man, did I want to, but I need three free days to be productive), but enough that I could do some administrative things like prep to read the workshop stories for Convolution.

That’s not exciting, you say?  Well I did more than that.  I’ve commissioned a picture of my main character.  Falion’s portrait came in today.  We are nearly to the finishing point.  I’m very excited. I so want to share it, but it’s not done and I’ve only paid half.  So I’m not sure on whether I can share it yet or not, but I will! Maybe in a month, if I’m lucky.

Meanwhile, here is the portrait that inspired me to contact this fantastic artist.  I’ve been looking for pictures that represent my characters in my head, and this one just jumped out as the best I’ve seen.  This reminds me of the Elfan, Teara.  Just gorgeous.

This picture is called sunlight and it’s by Liiga (its okay to repost if I put in a link to her gallery)





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