Tag You’re It!

Everywhere I look, people are getting tagged.  My husband showed my George R. R. Martin’s response to getting tagged in the famous ALS fundraiser. George was smart, his tagging involved a bucket of ice water…and a warm swimming pool.

Patrick Stewards response to donate $100 dollars or take the icy shower was to write out a check and give a nice smug look to the camera…hilarious!

Well I’m not so famous as those folk so I was surprised to get tagged in an author challenge, the 7X7X7 by author Melissa Snark.

Here are the rules:

Go to page 7 of your current work-in-progress.
Go to Line 7 on that page.
Post the next 7 lines as they are.
Tag 7 people to do the same.

And here is my response (as posted on Facebook):

MY 7X7X7 from In a Mortal Shadow:

As they passed through the open gates, Aeryn called out. “Hallo, Hayseed!”
“Hayseed!” answered the gangly youth posted at the entrance. “I’ll show you who’s the hayseed at practice today!” He was a subaltern in Second Company, only a year older than Aeryn so the two wound up sparring often.
“Yeah,” called Aeryn over his shoulder, “That’s what you said last week, and I bested you then.”
“Well, I ain’t got no plowman’s back this week, Sprout!”

And for the final 7: Jax DanielsTeresa EdgertonElanor S FinsterElizaBeth GilliganSheryl R. HayesCarolyn HillDenise Tanaka

I’ll let you know if I see them picking up the challenge!


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